Who is Gonzalez Business Solutions?

We are a Website Development and Social Marketing Firm that works primarily with the Small Business and Start-Up market. We provide Products and Solutions that help the business owner focus on their business. Gonzalez Business Solutions helps you stay on top of your Website and Social needs.


Social Media

Whether you need a one-time strategy or continual monitoring of your Social Networks, we have options that fit your needs. 


Our pricing will not require you to open a new line of credit as well as being completely transparent in what we charge.

Social Marketing

When you have a Marketing and/or an Advertising budget, our custom Solutions will get you on the right track on your needs.


Unlike some other companies, we do not leave you once the project is over. We stick by you when you have questions or when you need help in something.

Regular Updates

Code updates all the time. Included in all our Hosting packages are code updates. Whether it’s PHP or WordPress (or both), all updates are included. No more worries!

Professional Results

Everything we develop are done by professionals in the field. Whether it’s clean coding of websites, strategic advertisement design, or Social Marketing, you will always have professional results.


Yep, you get your very own Account Manager to handle all your projects. Need a new email? Done. Want to start a new Social campaign? No problem. We’re here to handle it for you.

Are You Ready?

Let’s Get Started!

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